Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Impacted or crowded wisdom teeth can lead to a variety of complications. Wisdom tooth removal can either be proactive — with the goal of preventing complications — or to treat pain and infection.

You may need a wisdom tooth extraction if:

  • There is inadequate space for the tooth to erupt.
  • The wisdom tooth is pressing into neighboring teeth.
  • You have an infection or decay associated with that tooth.
  • You’re in pain or experiencing facial swelling.
  • The wisdom teeth are causing crowding or tooth misalignment.

Since wisdom teeth are extremely difficult to clean (because of limited space and partial eruption) they are more likely to develop cavities and periodontal infections. In turn, those diseases can spread to the adjacent healthy teeth. Rather than try to treat the infection and prevent it from recurring, wisdom tooth removal is the standard of care.


Planning Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The first step in planning a wisdom tooth extraction is to reserve an exam with one of our Rajnandgaon dentists or oral surgeons. We’ll take a special 3D CBCT scan or full-mouth X-ray to evaluate your wisdom tooth positioning, anatomy, and surrounding structures. If tooth removal is in your best interest, our oral surgeon will explain the process and plan the extraction and sedation options if required.

Dubai Oral Surgery and Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A major dental surgery (pulling teeth, like third molars) should be performed by a licensed oral surgeon for maximum safety and comfort. SKR Dental Care has a highly trained team of dentists and dental specialists in Dubai. Working together as a team, we’re able to assure an efficient care process that puts you and your family first. 

If you or your teen need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, contact one of our Dubai clinics to reserve an exam.

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