Teeth Cleaning in Rajnandgaon

Preventative dental cleaning appointments are an essential part of having a healthy smile. But your teeth cleaning is more than just scaling and polishing your teeth. It goes much deeper than that. Professional plaque removal and tartar debridement can complement your overall health as well.

The Oral-Systemic Connection

Healthy, clean teeth are less prone to gum disease, sensitivity, cavities, and other oral conditions. But plaque and tartar around your teeth can also allow bacteria to spread deeper into your bloodstream and cardiovascular system. 

Numerous scientific studies have found that the unhealthier your teeth and gums are, the higher the risk there is for stroke, heart attack, diabetes, infertility, erectile dysfunction, preeclampsia, pneumonia, and other secondary health issues. 

Seeing your dental hygienist regularly for a professional teeth cleaning (including plaque removal, tartar scaling) can boost your overall level of health. Data shows that people with underlying medical conditions typically see an improvement in their systemic health issues within a few months of their dental cleaning, especially when they incorporate the oral hygiene recommendations of their dental hygienist.

More than Just Cleaning Teeth

During your “routine dental checkup”, we’ll perform professional scaling and polishing, measure your gum and bone levels, screen for decay in teeth (cavity), and offer recommendations on how to effectively clean your teeth each day. Your modified oral hygiene plan will take into account things like hard-to-reach areas, existing areas of decay, past gum disease, or restorations like veneers and dental implants. 

Plus, we’ll provide a screening for more serious conditions, like oral cancer. Your routine dental checkup is smart for your smile but essential for a healthy lifestyle.