Root Canal Treatment in Chhattisgarh

If you have a dying tooth or infected dental nerve, endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) is typically the only way to preserve your tooth. Instead of removing and replacing it, you can extend the function of your tooth by restoring it from the inside. 

You might almost think about root canal treatment like a filling that extends deeper into the tooth. It fills the empty nerve chambers down the length of the roots, as opposed to just an opening caused by decay. 

Root Canal Treatment Specialists

Endodontists are dentists with an additional 3 years of specialized education in the field of root canal therapy. These dental experts are able to efficiently provide high-quality care, even in instances where teeth may be more difficult to treat. 

Our Specialists Endodontists are available in all our clinics to offer you expert root canal treatment if required. 

An Endodontist specializes in root canal treatment that involves curved or twisted roots, narrow canals, previous endodontic treatment, and teeth that are more difficult to reach (such as the upper back molars) 

When our root canal procedure is performed by an expert endodontist, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best, gentlest care possible.

Symptoms of Dying, Abscessed Teeth

  • A dental abscess
  • Decay that extends into the nerve
  • Past trauma, resulting in tooth death
  • Chronic dental pain
  • Deep cracks or fractured roots
  • Significant discoloration, due to tooth death

Advanced Endodontic Care

One of the ways our Dubai Endodontists provide the most efficient and comfortable root canal treatment is thanks to our state-of-the-art dental microscope. Dental microscopes allow enhanced, accurate imaging of the internal surfaces of your tooth roots. As such, your root canal treatment is more effective and successful, compared to endodontic therapies performed without a microscope. 

Incorporating of a root canal microscope allows us to ensure no lingering infection, attention to any secondary canals, and thorough cleaning of the tooth before the root canal filling is placed. None of these surfaces are visible to the naked eye, so a dental microscope takes your care to the next level for a predictable procedure.

Reserve Your Smile Consultation Today

SKR Dental Clinic is equipped with onsite digital smile design (DSD) software, which allows you to virtually “try on” various cosmetic dental procedures before the treatment is even initiated. Contact one of our Dubai locations today to reserve a teeth whitening consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Since the dental infection originates inside of the roots of your tooth, the root canal will remove diseased tissues and seal off the chambers, preventing reinfection and the source of tooth pain. Being that the nerve of the tooth is no longer there, it is physically impossible for pain sensations to occur.

A root canal treatment procedure is meant to relieve the source of your dental pain. As with other types of dental treatment, endodontic therapy does not have to be painful. Working with a specialist like an endodontist and having the tooth numbed well ahead of time will prevent unnecessary discomfort.

In nearly all root canal cases, a protective dental crown will be required once your endodontic therapy is completed. Our practice has on-site CAD/CAM crown equipment, making it possible to provide same-day ceramic dental crowns for patients who qualify.

A root canal is a necessity if your tooth is dying, abscessed, or has decay that reaches into the nerve chamber. We will use a 3D CBCT scan and X-ray to assess the extent of your dental infection to determine whether you need a root canal.