Teeth Whitening in Chhattisgarh

Feeling confident about the way your smile looks is priceless. However, if your teeth are dark and discolored, it can detract from your self-confidence. A professional, effective teeth whitening treatment can take your smile to the next level and provide a youthful, healthy-looking glow.

Teeth whitening is one of the first things we recommend when you’re considering a smile makeover. Many times, teeth whitening is a perfect stand-alone aesthetic service. It also jump-starts the makeover process and allows our Aesthetic dentists in Rajnandgaon to match against updated dental work.

Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments

Not all types of teeth whitening are the same. During your initial consultation, our Aesthetic dentists will discuss the advantages of each method as they pertain to your smile’s needs. For instance, you may prefer Zoom teeth whitening if you’re short on time, or laser teeth whitening if there’s a specific tooth that doesn’t respond well to the whitening gel. We also offer home teeth whitening kits that are easy to use and keep your smile bright for years.

Home teeth whitening

Our custom whitening kits include personalized trays and professional-grade whitening gel. Wear your trays once a day (or overnight) and you’ll start to see results within just a few applications. Full results are visible in about 10-14 days. Keep your trays on hand to touch up whenever necessary.

Laser teeth whitening

Want maximum whitening results without the “hassle” of wearing trays at home? If you’re always on the go or have an important event coming up, same-day Zoom! teeth whitening can give you several shades of brighter teeth in just one appointment. The typical visit takes about an hour and a half to complete and gives you the same level of results that you would see from a professional take-home whitening system. The only major difference is that it saves you time.

Teeth Whitening Before & After

Reserve Your Smile Consultation Today

 SKR Dental Clinic is equipped with onsite digital smile design (DSD) software, which allows you to virtually “try on” various cosmetic dental procedures before the treatment is even initiated. Contact one of our Dubai locations today to reserve a teeth whitening consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tooth-colored restorations such as white fillings or porcelain crowns do not bleach when exposed to whitening gel. If they are in your “smile zone”, it will be necessary to replace them with an updated color.

Good oral hygiene and routine dental cleanings can prevent and remove surface stains on your smile. But in time, our porous tooth enamel can naturally absorb discolouration from the foods and drinks we consume. When that’s the case, a professional whitening agent can oxidize the stain particles to safely lift them, revealing brighter teeth.

Teeth whitening products work differently, depending on the application method, type of gel, and technology (such as a dental laser) being used. We will work with you one-on-one to identify the best whitening method for your specific situation and goals.

All teeth have at least some extent of natural yellow colour or hue. The shade of yellow is dependent upon the anatomical makeup of your unique teeth. Professional teeth whitening can make your smile brighter, but there may still be a slight yellow tint; if that’s a concern, you may want to consider dental veneers.